Model 90 Metal Detector

The Model 90 Metal Detector is a simple, rugged instrument for detecting Tramp metal in mineral ores, coal, timber, etc., as they are carried on a belt conveyor. A Detection Systems Model 90 Metal Detector protects your conveyor belting and crushing plant against damage due to Tramp metal.


Multiple Coil Search Head results in constant sensitivity throughout the burden. Reliable detection of all types of Tramp metal, even when buried in magnetic or conductive ore. Operation on steel-cored conveyor belting when equipped with a Splice Detector. Simple Installation and Servicing. High degree of sensitivity and stability. Low operating frequency for reliable operation on wet or conductive ores.


Units are made from 5.0 & 6.5mm mild steel plate. All metal work is first sandblasted, then Epoxy undercoated, and finally given an epoxy enamel top coat. One End Plate is removable for ease of installation.

Control Unit

The single, large printed Circuit Board is housed in a hose & dust-proof steel cabinet. The Electronic Control Unit is constructed from high reliability components operating at low temperatures for long life. Minimum use of plugs and connectors results in high reliability while still permitting rapid field service. Automatic circuits compensate for any changes in the Search Head due to temperature. Electronic conversion kits are available for upgrading the performance of Metal Detectors of other manufacturers. Check with our factory.


On detection of metal, the detection light comes on and a set of relay contacts drop out, stopping the conveyor. At the same time, the metal marker drops an amount of bright yellow granules onto the ore indicating the position of the metal. The Metal Detector is reset by depressing the Reset button on the machine. Alternatively, a remote Reset switch may be used.

Ancillary Equipment


This unit enables the metal detector to reliably detect metal in ore being carried by a steel cored conveyor belt. The unit consists of a small sensing head and a control card which plugs into the standard metal detector control card.


Large pieces of metal are still detectable even if located over a splice.
Simple installation & operation.
Sensitivity of metal detector while splice is passing through is adjustable by means of a separate front panel control.
Unit automatically tracks both vertical and horizontal belt wander.
Reliable operation in extreme environments.


When metal is detected by the metal detector this unit drops bright yellow granules on to the ore indicating the position of the Tramp metal.


Fully adjustable electronic delay & operate timers permit precise adjustment of the amount and position of each mark. Unit can be bolted to conveyor track at any suitable point down stream from the detector.
Universal mounting makes for ease of installation and refilling on inclined conveyor belts.
Marker rotates through 90 degrees for refilling while belt is in motion.
Large hopper holds sufficient material for more than 100 marks.
Dual operating solenoids for reliable operation.
Simple, rugged reliable construction.


Other ancillary equipment available includes: Timers, Warning Lamps, Test Buttons, Hooters and Counters.