Model 80 Metal Detector

Model 80 Standard Metal Detector

The Model 80 Metal Detector is a highly sensitive Inspection System capable of reliably detecting very small particles of terrous and non-ferrous metals. The unit is designed to perform completely unattended inspection of a wide range of Food and General Industrial products and raw materials.

Wet Or Dry Product

The Model 80 can be easily set to operate on dry or wet product. With the product control, or switch, in the dry position it operates on the conductive component of unwanted metal. With the control in the wet position it operates on the reactive component of the metal and ignores the conductivity of meat, fresh bread, fruit cakes etc.


Housings are made from 6mm Aluminium Plate, etched with a baked enamel top coat, or 3mm 316 Stainless Steel. Conveyors are made from 304 Stainless Steel.

Control Unit

Setting up procedures are extremely simple. Just adjust the sensitivity and product controls for your particular product. The control unit is constructed from high reliability components operating at low temperatures for long life. Minimum use of plugs and sockets result in high reliability while still permitting rapid field service if necessary. The control unit is housed in an enclosure which can be part of the search head or remote from it. The enclosure is dust and waterproof. IP 65 rated enclosures are available.

Search Heads

Wrap around search coils within each head produce even sensitivity throughout the aperture. The search head does not require adjustment of any kind. It is fully encapsulated and is dust and waterproof. Automatic circuits compensate for any changes in the search head due to temperature. Polypropylene liners are available for corrosive products.

Aperture Sizes

Range from 3Omm x 2Omm to 3,OOOmm x 5Omm or 1,OOOmm x 1,OOOmm. Units are built to suit customers requirements.


The search heads and the electronics are designed for maximum sensitivity to non magnetic stainless steel and mild steel.


1. Pulsing Mode. On detection of metal warning lights and alarms operate immediately. The delay timer starts operating and at the end of the delay time various relay outputs change state. The operate timer then starts timing and at the end of the operate time the various relay outputs revert to their original state. Warning lights and alarms are automatically reset at the same time.

2. Latching Mode. On detection of metal warning lights and alarms operate immediately. Relay outputs also immediately change state. Depressing the reset switch resets alarms, light and relays.